Sewing threads and filler cords for sewing machines and bag closing machines

nici do zszywarek

Our company is able to offer not only bag-closing machines themselves, but also their main consumable - threads.

There are four main types of threads available:

  • cotton threads
  • viscose threads: strength 3600 g
  • polyester threads: strength 7000 g
  • polypropylene threads: the strongest ones

Viscose threads are available in white, red, yellow, green and blue color.

Polyester threads are available in white, red and blue color.

Cotton and polypropylene threads are available in white color.

In addition to sewing threads we are also able to deliver filler cord, which can be sewn-in alongside thread (its role is to protect the sewing line in paper or fabric, which naturally is being punched during sewing process). Thanks to this, the contents of the bag is protected from humidity, which (especially when food products are packed) might have negative influence on the quality of the product.