None of the customers will make a purchase decision without being certain that in case of any problems he will get a necessary help and that his production process will run without any stops.

Due to this, our company treats proper post-sales service of all delivered machines as a priority.

Our service department employees has been trained by qualified technicians of our suppliers and only original spare parts and components are used for service operations.

During installation of machine our technicians also train employees of maintenance department of the customer, thus giving im possibility of quickly diagnosing the problems in operation of the machine for individual removal or giving our service department as precise information as possible.

For immediate removal of the problems, our company keeps a stock of most often purchased spare parts, which can be immediately sent to the customer. Other parts or bigger components can be delivered within few days directly from our suppliers.

Also, a standard procedure of our company is to recommend our customers periodic service visits, assuring them that their production will be done without any stops (it is especially important for the customers working in 3-shift regime.