About us

zszywany materiał

Flexico sp. z o.o. (LLC) has been established in 1992, when number of companies on local market started manufacturing of flexible containers (also called big-bags, bulk-bags, FIBCs).

For next couple of years our company was involved in sales of these containers, both on local market and abroad, as well as took part in deliveries of fabrics, raw materials for big-bag manufacturing.

Flexico sp. z o.o. also decided to start delivering of machines necessary for manufacturing of bulk-bags.

During years of operation we established strong relationships with reliable business partners in big-bags and machines for big-bags market operating on such markets as USA, Mexico, India, Middle Easet as well as few European manufacturers and all Polish producers of FIBCs.
At this moment, all investment requirements of our customers, related to big-bag manufacturing, as well as components required for this production, testing machines can be covered by our sales program.
During last years we decided to add to our sales program complimentary equipment such as bag closing machines (portable and stationary, heavy duty ones), as well as PE and PP film blowing lines, PE sealing machines and reclaim extrusion lines.