Roll-to-roll label rewinder

przewijarka etykietRoll-to-roll label rewinder was designed for the customers looking for a simple, price-attractive solution allowing them to prepare the rolls of labels of requested lengths, as well as checking up the deliveries of labels. Finally, some of them also want to use the rewinder for additional print on surface of labels.

The machine can rewind the labels clockwise and counter-clockwise, using internal cores of different diameters.

During rewinding it is possible to count the amount of labels (incremental or decremental counter).

It is also possible to check the presence of labels on rolls (with an option of machine stop in case of missing label).

The rewinder is also available in a version where it can be integrated with inkjet printer or other coding unit, for inline coding of labels during rewinding.

Basic technical data:

  • maximum width of labels: 120 mm
  • rewinding speed: approximately 50 m/min (depending on diameter of used core)
  • maximum outside diameter of label roll: 300 mm
  • range of diameters of cores: 40-110 mm
  • power supply: 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • power consumption: 150 W