Flexographic printer for printing of small bags

Machine designed for flexographic printing of graphic elements (i.e. logos) and texts on the surface of small bags.

Print can be done by several sections (from one to four). Also, supply of two-side printing machine is possible.

Each printing section is equipped with ink container placed on the floor close to the machine. Ink is supplied to the print drum by circular pump; excess ink is being returned back to the canister. Additional advantage of such solution is avoiding ink's drying.

Basic technical data:

  • material that can be printed: small polypropylene bags
  • capacity: up to 34 pieces/min (1200 series) or up to 25 pieces/min (1600 series)
  • maximum dimensions of bags (w. x l.): 900 x 1250 mm (1200 series), 1200 x 1900 (3000 series)
  • maximum print area (w. x l.): 800 x 900 mm (1200 series), 900 x 1900 (1600 series)
  • power consumption: 4,5 kW (1200 series), 4,5-6 kW (1600 series)
  • power supply: 380 V; 50 Hz
  • compressed air supply: 6 bar, 250 l/min
  • dimensions of the machine: 350-430 (l.) x 200 (w.) x 130 (h.) cm (1200 series), 430-545 (l.) x 200 (w.) x 150 (h.) cm (1600 series)

Options available:

  • adjustable speed of transport conveyor and print drums
  • automatic stacking of printed bags; counter mounted in stacking unit stops the machine after requested amount is reached
  • drying unit: dries ink before stacking of fabric and bags