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Production of big-bags (also known as FIBC bags or jumbo bags) is a complex process.

The container itself might look simple: it is built just of four walls, sometimes supplemented with infeed and outfeed spouts allowing to fill the bag or discharge it.

In real life however we see clearly that even though the bag might look simple, the expectations of end-users grow every day, since they want to fill the containers with more and more expensive products, thus the FIBCs have to be built in a more and more advance way.

We also notice that a significant number of customers is searching for machines not only to make the production process more automatic, but also to lower the production costs (reducing number of employees).

Therefore our goal is to deliver to our customers, big-bag manufacturers, machines typically connected with big-bag production, such as sewing heads, but also more comples solutions, allowing them to manufacture such components of big-bags as polypropylene tape, which might be used for production of fabric, as well as PE foil, used for manufacturing of liners.

Flexico sp. z o.o. (LLC) came to the conclusion that it must give a possibility to its customers to have a constant grow of production potential.

We are able to assure it thanks to worldwide network of partners, manufacturers of machines, we cooperate with on daily basis.

Regardless of it is big-bag sewing, production of components of big-bags or preparation of foil for liners, we are able to supply the appropriate solution delivered by market leader in production of the machines.

It is our main goal to fulfill the expectations of our customers and we strongly believe that we will be able to deliver them solutions allowing them to enhance their production potential.


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We are a distributor of sewing machines and devices for the production of bags.

 Our headquarters is located in Wrocław. We have been operating on the market since 1992, when number of companies on local market started manufacturing of flexible containers (also called big-bags, bulk-bags, FIBCs). Our goal is to enable our customers to continuously expand their production potential. We have such an opportunity thanks to extensive, direct contacts with a group of reputable suppliers of machines used in the production process.

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What sets us apart?

Over 30 years of experience

Wide range of products

Consultancy on every phases of projects

Sale, installation and service

With over 30 years of presence on polish market we are able to ensure complex service and consultancy.

We support big-bags manufacturers in their investment requirements.

We provide our customers with professional and flexible service and technical counselling. Please contact us if you are looking for technical support or more detailed information.