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Products / Machines for big-bags

Machines for big-bag fabric preparation

Before main big-bag manufacturing process is started, proper preparation of fabric roll is needed. It can consist of unwinding and rewinding of fabric from bigger to smaller rolls or hemming of fabric edges.

Fabric cutting machines

Machines designed for cutting fabric to pieces, from which each big-bag is built, as well as preparation of additional components of big-bags, such as bottoms, tops and baffles.

Machines for forming big-bag liners

Group of machines designed for forming PE liners for big-bags for protection of transporter product. Machines allow forming of PE liners both for one-loop and four-loop bags. Specially designed model, allowing forming of liner of aluminium foil is also available.

PE liner blower machines for big-bags

More and more customers are searching for big-bags with PE liner inside. To increase the capacity of production of this type of FIBC bags, a range of automatic machines has been designed.

Complementary machines

Additional machines used during big-bag manufacturing.

Hydraulic presses

Final process of production of bags is their packaging and preparation for dispatch. Depending on the requirements of the end-customer and type of bags, they can be packed on bales or on pallets.

Testing machines for big-bag components

Group od machines for testing components of big-bags and big-bags themselves, for assuring their resistance to weight of bulk products.