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Big-bag cleaning machine

During big-bag manufacturing process, especially during cutting and sewing process, the fabric gets electrostatically charged. This results in adherence of different contamination (pieces of fabric and threads from manufacturing process, as well as other post-production dirt and biological contamination).

Rolling machine for fibc bags (big-bags)

The machine is used for rolling of one-loop bags for easier testing and use on automatic filling lines.

Flexographic printing machine for printing fabric and bags

Machine designed for flexographic printing of graphic elements (i.e. logos) and texts on the surface of fabric and ready made bags. Print can be done by several sections (from one to six). Also, supply of two-side printing machine is possible.

Machine for folding 1- and 4-loop bags

Machine designed for folding of ready made 1- and 4-loop big-bags after finishing of production process.