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Products / Bag closing machines

Portable bag closing machines

Manual sewing machines, used for bag closing and fabric stitching.

Light weight bag closing sets

Komplete machines designed for use in low capacity processes, where manual bag closing unit has been integrated with components allowing process' automatization.

Stationary bag closing heads

Heavy duty bag closing machines, designed for 24 hours operation, even in harsh environment.

Columns for bag closing machines

To assure efficient, heavy duty operation, 80800 and BC 200 bag closing heads have to be mounted on solid columns.

Feed-in devices for bag closing machines

Feed-in devices are used to unify the shape of bags before their closing. It also allows to limit the number of employees necessary to prepare the bag for closing.

Conveyors for bag closing machines

An addition to complete, heavy duty bag closing set is bag conveyor, which assures constant feeding of products.