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Products / Labelers

Semi-automatic labeling machines

The group of manual labelling units dedicated for small factories, where fully automatic, more expensive systems are groundless because of short series of variable products labelled with different labels, however support of labelling process is still needed. Experienced operator can label up to 1.000 pcs./h and it does not take much time to change the label roll and adjust the rollers for another product size labeling.

Labellers and print/apply units

Easy to operate, heavy duty labelers available in standard and extended version, with additional functions of control unit.

Inline labelling systems

Inline labelling systems, designed for label application on one or two side surfaces of containers, as well as on top or bottom of the products.

Rotary labelling systems

High performance, yet price attractive rotary labelling machines, designed for application of various types of labels (cut paper labels, foil labels on the rolls, self adhesive labels). The machines work in both cold and hot melt glue technique.