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Products / Big-bag sewing machines

Union Special 39000 series

Hemming machines for polypropylene or polyethylene mesh bags.

Union Special 53000 series

Sewing machines for heavy cotton, jute and polylpropylene bags; also used sewing Q-bags.

Union Special 56000 series

Hemming machines for cotton and jute bags and sewing of filling and discharging spouts to FIBC bags.

Union Special 80000 series

Heavy-duty machines designed for sewing and hemming geotextiles and polypropylene (especially, for sewing filling and discharging spouts in the body of big-bag).

Union Special 81000 series

Heavy duty machines designed for sewing big-bags and hemming fabrics made of heavy polypropylene and jute.

Union Special BML series

BML series of Union Special sewing machines are a new group, where the manufacturer mixed experience from production of heavy duty bag closing machine with special requirements of customers operating in big-bag industry.