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Neva big-bag filling, handling and storage system

Neva big-bag handling and storage system is unique solution for easy filling, safe internal and external transport, efficient stacked storage and easy discharge (with a dosage and cut off possibility through the slide) of solids packed in FIBCs.

The system consists of a robust bowl shaped bottom part with a slide in the center for (dosed) discharge and 4 steel poles with special plastic feet and heads for mounting of big-bag and for safe stacking and racking.


The system is suited for big-bags with a minimum height of 40 cm and a maximum height of 230 cm. The length and width of the big-bag should preferably be 95 x 95 cm.


The loops of big-bags are mounted on stacking poles by means of two types of heads:

- springheads: developed for customers, who want to use the system for filling, transport, stacked storage and discharge (the complete package of possibilities); due to the force of the spring it is difficult to fix the lifting loops of already filled big-bags for further handling and discharge

- lockheads: mainly suited for customers who want to place already filled big-bags in the system and use the system for further transport, handling, stacked storage and discharge; this type of head is also advised for handling of big-bags with short lifting loops


Technical specification:

- material for bottom part: polypropylene, 30 kg
- material for other plastic parts: polypropylene / polyamide
- material for stacking/fixation poles: galvanized steel (optionally: stainless steel)

- weight of complete system: 50 kg (for 95 x 95 x 105 cm big-bags), 56 kg (for 95 x 95 x 160 cm big-bags), 60 kg (for 95 x 95 x 200 cm big-bags)
- maximum load capacity: 1.500 kg
- maximum load capacity (stacked): 4 x 1.500 kg
- temperature range in which system can be used: from -10 to +40°C
- system tested and certified by IBE-BVI and Sebert