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Gusseted small bags conversion line CBL 1000-1200 G

Efficient, economic production line dedicated for small bags produced from polypropylene round fabric.

Additional advantage is a possibility of gusseting of fabric before forming a small bag, as well as increased width and length of cutting.

Thanks to fully automatic construction, the line can be maintained by one person only.


Bags cut from roll are being transferred to sewing section and finally stacked. The amount of bags in one stack can be preset in control panel.


Machine can be accupulated in one set with flexographic printer (allowing printing of bags with up to 4 colors).


To start the production, the operator has to enter the requested length of bag. Unwound fabric is being cut to pieces and transported to bottom folding and sewing section. Ready bags are being stacked at the end of the machine.


Basic technical data:

- material to be processed: polypropylene tubular fabric

- production capacity: 20 pcs/min.
- maximum fabric roll diameter: 1200 mm
- maximum fabric width: 1600 mm
- maximum cutting length: 2250 mm
- replacement of the roll: manual
- cutting system: heat adjustable knife or cold-cutting knife
- folding width: adjustable (single-folding)
- sewing machine: Union Special 56100 MZ
- power consumption: 16 kW
- power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz
- compressed air supply: 6 bars, 400 l/min
- dimensions of the machine: 850 (l.) x 1000 (w.) x 300 (h.) cm