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Products / Special sewing machines

Machine for attaching ropes to sport-nets and fish-nets borders

For customers searching for a solution allowing them to sew-in the rope in the border of nets, company Union Special has prepared two special models - Union Special 81500 CZ 3374 A and B.

Machine for joining artificial lawn carpets with high PU coating

Union Special 81500 BZ3290 sewing machine is a single needle, two thread unit for joining artificial lawn carpets with PU coating, used grass at sports facilities.

Machine for overseaming blankets

Union Special 81200 D is a heavy duty, single needle, two thread overedging machine with lower feed and split left and right compensating presser foot.

Carpets and rugs overseaming machine

Union Special 81200 C/AC/AG/AG is a series of single needle, two- or three thread overedging machines for decorative overseaming of carpets or rugs.