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Products / Machines for big-bags / Fabric cutting machines

Big-bag baffles cutting machine

Machine designed for customers willing to use in construction of big-bags so called baffles (transverse pieces of fabric strengthening their cubic construction).

KCM length cutting machine

This machine is designed for cutting tubular and flat fabric with length cutting only. It is addressed to the customers, who intend to maximize fabric cutting capacity.

Cutting machine for one-loop FIBC bags

Maszyna designed and built especially for production of one-loop FIBC bags. It is available in two standard versions: 1400 i 2000 mm.

Machine for cutting fabric for big-bag components

Commonly used, compact model of polypropylene fabric cutting machine used for big-bag production. Machine is used for cutting pieces of fabric for side walls, tops and bottoms (thanks to possibility of hole cutting), as well as for cutting pieces of fabric used for top and bottom spouts.