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Isar big-bag filling, handling and storage system

Isar big-bag handling and storage system is unique solution for easy filling, safe internal and external transport, efficient stacked storage and easy discharge of bulk products packed in FIBCs.


The system consists of plastic bottom part (optionally with discharge valve) , 8 aluminum stacking poles, 4 corner pieces, top frame for stable and safe stacking (maximum 4 systems in height) and a big-bag, 95 x 95 x 105 cm. The big-bag is equipped with special, elastic straps in top and bottom part, allowing easy fixing on the system (in case of discharge valve, the bag also has a bottom spout).


The system is suited for big-bags with a minimum height of 40 cm and a maximum height of 230 cm. The length and width of the big-bag should preferably be 95 x 95 cm.


The loops of big-bags are mounted on stacking poles by means of two types of heads:

- springheads: developed for customers, who want to use the system for filling, transport, stacked storage and discharge (the complete package of possibilities); due to the force of the spring it is difficult to fix the lifting loops of already filled big-bags for further handling and discharge

- lockheads: mainly suited for customers who want to place already filled big-bags in the system and use the system for further transport, handling, stacked storage and discharge; this type of head is also advised for handling of big-bags with short lifting loops


Technical specification:

- material for bottom part: polypropylene, 30 kg
- material for other plastic parts: polypropylene / polyamide
- material for stacking/fixation poles: galvanized steel (optionally: stainless steel)

- weight of complete system: 50 kg (for 95 x 95 x 105 cm big-bags), 56 kg (for 95 x 95 x 160 cm big-bags), 60 kg (for 95 x 95 x 200 cm big-bags)
- maximum load capacity: 1.500 kg
- maximum load capacity (stacked): 4 x 1.500 kg
- temperature range in which system can be used: from -10 to +40°C
- system tested and certified by IBE-BVI and Sebert